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A full service forensic handwriting and document laboratory – over 40 years of continuous training, education and experience in government & private laboratories.

Summary of FDE Grant Sperry’s Qualifications

Completed two years of full time in-residence forensic document examination training at a government laboratory; tested and certified. Completion of additional forensic document examination training includes courses and/or on-site training at the FBI, USSS, CIA, Rochester Institute of Technology, RCMP, INS, GBI, and attendance at numerous professional seminars and workshops at locations around the world for over 43 years. Extensive experience in forensic document examinations involving documents related to absentee ballots, voter registration and election fraud cases. Published in peer reviewed journals and testified as an expert in forensic document (handwriting) examination and digital image enhancement and analysis on over 380 occasions in state, military, federal and international courts.

Summary of FDE Charlotte (Ware) Keesling’s Qualifications

Completed a two year structured (in-residence) training course in the Examination of Questioned Documents at The Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory, Austin, TX. Additional training acquired through the FBI and internships with state and federal government forensic laboratories. Accepted and testified in state and federal courts as an expert in forensic document examination and digital evidence. Board Certified through the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (ABFDE).

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Indented (Impression) Examinations/Restorations

Non-destructive instrumental and visual examinations of original or office machine copied documents for latent impressions can yield extremely useful information or evidence. In document examination, latent impressions are those left ‘invisible’ on a document residing underneath while a writing or machine impression is produced on the preceding document(s). FDES has the instrumentation and technical skills to locate, preserve, examine and …
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Inks, Printers & Copier Examinations

FDES has the requisite training, instrumentation and experience to address issues regarding inks and machine printed documents; both of which are frequently inter-related to handwriting issues and other questions related to date, origin and authenticity. Non-destructive microscopic and instrumental examinations of pen and printer inks (and toners) are frequently conducted as a means to distinguish similarly appearing inks/toners; an issue …
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Other Forensic Document Examinations

FDES has the knowledge, experience, training and instrumentation to address and resolve less commonly considered forensic document issues, such as:

• Alterations, additions and deletions made to copies and images (photographs)
• Enhancement and restoration of blurred, partially obliterated and erased information
• Re-construction of various types of torn, shredded and/or charred documents
• Examinations and comparisons of papers to …

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Examination & Comparison of Handwriting

Whether it be a copy, original or digital image, the detailed examination, comparison and analysis of handwriting/hand printing for the purpose of determining authenticity, date or origin is a major source of case work submitted to FDES. Mr. Sperry has conducted over a million forensic handwriting examinations and comparisons which have been documented in numerous laboratory reports and presented/defended in …
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