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Forensic Document Examination Services

With over 36 years of continuous training and experience in the Forensic Document Examination Profession,  Forensic Document Examination Services (FDES) provides exceptional and diversified expertise over a wide array of questioned document problems.

Whether a case involves a single signature problem, or includes hundreds of questioned and known documents requiring numerous and complex examinations;  clients of Forensic Document Examination Services are afforded the following (and more) in each case:

Our clients include law firms, universities, federal/state/local law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, other federal and state agencies, corporations and private individuals.

We ‘re qualified, experienced, and thorough; and we look forward to providing you with exceptional service.

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Case Examples

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FDES offers a variety of services to assist with forensic document examination. Click read more below to see a few of our case examples.



Qualification image Responsibilities include the examination and comparison of known and questioned handwritings, hand printing, and machine produced documents for the purpose of identifying or eliminating an individual or machine as the source of the questioned material.